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Fan - Favourite Recipes

Quick 2 minute recipes to make at home with our pasta

Aglio e Olio Peperoncino.jpg
Aglio e Olio Peperoncino.jpg

"Aglio e Olio Peperoncino"
Garlic, Oil & Chilli


  • Any type of our pasta variations however we would recommend our Fava Bean Pasta.

  • Garlic cloves 

  • Extra virgin olive oil 

  • Chilli pepper/hot pepper – fresh or dried 

  • Parsley – while it’s not the absolutely necessary ingredient of pasta aglio e olio it’s still used in 99% of the dishes. It add a little extra flavour and bright colours to the whole plate.

How to Make

    Chop some garlic into fine pieces and if you’re using whole (fresh or dried) chilli pepper, slice it lengthwise, remove the seeds and discard the stem. (Chilli flakes also work) put them all to one side.

    Start boiling some salted water in preparation to cook the pasta.

    Immediately put oil, garlic and whatever preferred choice of chilli in a skillet pan and start heating over low heat & let them fry for about 2 minutes, in the meantime a minute in drop the pasta into the boiling salt water for 60-90 seconds.

    Add parsley and pasta to the skillet pan with a small ladle of pasta water before tossing everything together in the pan. Everything should combine nicely and you can option for more parsley.​

    Tomato & Mascapone_edited.jpg

    Roast Vine Tomato & Mascarpone


    • Any type of our pasta variations however our recommendation would be our Yellow Pea Pasta.

    • Mascarpone

    • Tomatoes

    • Onions

    • Sage

    • Garlic

    • Spinach

    • Veg Stock

    How to Make

    Roast onions, carrots, celery, vine tomatoes, garlic, sage, tomato puree, extra virgin olive oil, brown sugar in a tray until coloured. Next, reduce white wine and vegetable stock in a pan and then once roasted transfer to pan and simmer for an hour. Once simmered, add fresh basil and blend until smooth. ​

    Combine the tomato sauce, mascarpone and spinach.

    Drop pasta in salted boiling water as per instructions on back of packaging and then when 'al-dente' put pasta in pan, mix and serve.


    Anchovy, Caper & Lemon


    • ​Linguine

    • Anchovies

    • Garlic

    • Olives (Optional)

    • Capers

    • Lemon or Lemon Juice

    • Parsley

    • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    How to Make

    ​Boil your pasta as per the packaging recommends. 

    Next, in a pan fry garlic, anchovies, capers, and olives if wanted. Add cooked pasta once ready and finish with lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle of parsley.

    Tomato & Mascapone_edited.jpg

    Braised Steak Ragu


    • Braising Steak 

    • Any of our The Pasta Man pasta but we recommend Pappardelle

    • Tomato Puree

    • Red Wine

    • Beef Stock

    • Fresh Thyme

    • Dolcelatte

    How to Make

    First step, brown braising steak in a deep pan, add wine, beef stock, tomato puree and thyme and simmer for three hours. 

    As always, boil your pasta as per the packaging recommends. 

    Combine the pasta, ragu and dolcelatte and stir until cheese melts into a sauce.


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